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**Read entirely before applying** Binary Star Gaming Membership Info

Post your application to Binary Star Gaming here.
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**Read entirely before applying** Binary Star Gaming Membership Info

Postby NurseJosh » July 9th, 2016, 2:47 pm

Hello potential Binary Star Gaming member!

Read the ENTIRE post and check out our website before applying!

  • Attendance at meetings is requested when announced by the Owner, and/or Officers on Discord or the forums.
  • Maintain active status. Active Status is maintained by being on Discord, posting on the forums, or playing on a Binary Star server at least once per 2 weeks. If you do not make a formal notice in the forums for an extended absence you risk losing membership and being required to reapply to Binary Star to restore member privileges.
  • Access to our Discord, white-listed Minecraft, and passworded BSG members-only multi-player servers. You can see a current list of the servers we are hosting at this time and their status here.
  • Voting at general meetings and Citadel of Judgement appeals.
By submitting an application you are agreeing to follow all Binary Star Gaming Rules. Please include a copy of the BSG Rules in your application so we know you've read them. If you'd like to know more about how BSG works please view our constitution here or chat up a member or officer in Discord with any questions.

We look forward to gaming with you soon!

-NurseJosh, Officers, and Members of Binary Star Gaming

To submit your application please copy, paste, and complete the form below in a new topic with your screen name as the title here and add a short introduction if you'd like. Then, let NurseJosh, slayerXcore, or LukeZaz know so they can process your application.

Items marked with a * are required.

Code: Select all

Steam ID (Screenname)[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:

Steam Community URL[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:

Minecaft username[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:


Which games do you want to play with us?

Are there any games you'd like us to support?

How did you find out about us?

Answer only if you've been in Binary Star (Formerly NJTV) before: What was your previous screen name in BSG/NJTV?

Define Wheaton's Law[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:


[i]The one and only network wide rule: "Don't be a dick." (Thank's Wil Wheaton and LukeZaz for this one.)[/i]

[b]Rules for Binary Star Gaming:[/b]
[*]Respect players, admins and officers.
[*]No cheating, scamming, or hacking.
[*]If you grief other players work on network cooperative servers you will be banned.
[*]You must join the Binary Star Discoird and use a microphone with push-to-talk enabled and while on Binary Star servers.[/list]

[b]Discord rule: [/b]
[list][*]No hotmicing.[/list]
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